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Search for anomalous WWγ and WWZ couplings with polarized e-beam at the LHeC
I.T. Cakir (Istanbul Aydin U.O. Cakir (Ankara U.A. SenolA.T. Tasci (Kastamonu U.

Jun 30, 2014 - 18 pages

Abstract (arXiv)
We examine the potential of the ep→νeqγX and ep→νeqZX processes to search for the anomalous couplings of WWγ and WWZ vertices at the LHeC with the electron beam energy of Ee=60 GeV and Ee=140 GeV. The difference of maximum and minimum bounds on the anomalous couplings, (δΔκγ, δλγ) and (δΔκZ, δλZ) are obtained as (0.990, 0.122) and (0.362, 0.012) without electron beam polarization at the beam energy of Ee=140 GeV for an integrated luminosity of Lint=100 fb−1, respectively. With the possibility of e−beam polarization, we obtain more improved results as (0.975, 0.118) and (0.285, 0.009) for (δΔκγ,δλγ) and (δΔκZ,δλZ), respectively. The results are found to be comparable with the current experimental limits obtained from two-parameter analysis at the lepton and hadron colliders. It is found that the limits on the anomalous couplings (ΔκZ, λZ) through the process ep→νeqZX at the LHeC can further improve the current experimental limits.

Note: 18 pages, 22 figures, 6 tables 
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